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How to get rid of Headache

Friday, November 2, 2012

Headache causes treatments and remedies

Although headache is a non specific sign thousands of people suffering from headache every day. Therefore it may cause the reduction of lot of working dates. Although this is a common symptom among all the world, this may be associated with some kind of life threatening pathology. Therefore you may need to consider about your headache more than some pain killers.



What is headache....?

It is a pain occurs either in head or the neck. According to the new classification of headache it is divided as follows
1. Primary headache.
  • Tension-type headache
  • Migraine
  • Cluster headache and  trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias
  • Other types of primary headaches

2. Secondary headache.
  • Headache caused by cranial or cervical vascular disorder 
  • Headache caused by head and/or neck trauma
  • Headache caused by a substance  withdrawal or directly by substance
  • Headache caused by non-vascular intracranial disorder
  • Headache caused by disorder of homeostasis
  • Headache caused by infection
  • Headache or facial pain caused by disorder of neck,cranium, eyes, nose, sinuses,ears, mouth,teeth, or other facial structures
  • Headache caused by psychiatric disorder

3. Cranial neuralgia primary facial pain and other headaches.
  • Cranial neuralgias & central causes for facial pain
  • Other headache
                                 (International headache society classification)
                                     (Symptoms of migraine and tension headache video link)

What are the necessary steps in reducing headache.....?

First the most important thing we have to identify is the headache is either a problem with our life style, Food intake, exercise or a problem with our physical body. As an example it may be a pathology like brain tumour, head injury, like thing. So management plan is totally depend on your condition.

First it is important to identify the type of headache. For that you may need to keep a "Headache diary" .It may be helpful to identify the pattern of your headache.Here you may need to keep note about the frequency, association with diet, specially is it after a curtain diet, association with daily works, association of the exercises, any associate radiation of pain may be important in diagnosing of your type of headache and preventive measures.

What are the steps that can be use to reduce pain...?

Reducing of the headache can be achieved by both pharmacological and and non pharmacological methods. You can practice non pharmacological methods even at your home. However it may be helpful for you to consult a doctor if it is a persistent type of headache.

Non-pharmacological ways of reducing your headache

1. Avoid risk factors
The most important thing in  the management of primary type of headache is by avoiding the trigger factors like some foods, some drugs, risky life style. Here maintaining of  headache diary may be helpful for you. You can see the significant reduction of your headache by the avoiding of the risk factors.

2. Rest for some times.
You may have experienced that having a rest after a severe headache reduce your headache significantly. Most of the people with headache shows symptoms like photo-phobia(phobia to light), phono-phobia(phobia to the sound). Therefore sleep in a dark and silent place may help to reduce your both Tension type and the Migraine type of headache.

3. Massage your head and neck.
Massage also have a significant effect on reducing headache. This is specially suitable for sinusitis headache. Here it is better if you can use the help of other person.

4. Change you life style.
Repetition of same life style may increase your mental stress. The result of this is the persistent tension type of headache. So try to have a rest during your busy life style. It may be a picnic, hike or whatever.

5. Focus the eyes on distant object.
Most of the daily computer users now experiencing a syndrome called "Computer Vision Syndrome". This collection of symptoms including headache. Focusing on distance object during your work may helpful to reduce that type of headache. Also some type of eye exercises are recommended.

6. Use cold and Warm compression.
Both ice and the hot water are using in the prevention of pain on muscles and joints. However if you can use them for headache, you can experience sudden reduction. However this differs according to the person.

7. Have sex
Having sex during your headache may helpful specially on some type of headaches like tension headache. It will increase your blood flow to the brain. However if you are a Migraine patient, some of you may experience some elevation of your headache during sex. This is the problem with the sudden dilation of blood vessels of the brain. Therefore try not to use this method if you are a Migraine patient.
Connection of migraine prevention and the sex

8. Use yoga techniches

                                                 (How to practice  yoga vedio link)

Pharmacological methods of reducing the headache.

 1. Use pain killers
Most of the people use to take pain killers like Paracetamol, ibuprofen very often. These drugs helps you to prevent your headache. Also take medical advice if you want to take them regularly.

For further reference;
International headache society: classification
Headache Australia: Headache management
WHO: Headache disorder


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Headache can be continues problem if not treated seriously and this problem may make the dangerous to live .Therefore if a headache is suspected go to the emergency care for treatment.
24 hour emergency room

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